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Bethany 2011
©2011 JC Page Photography


Bethany is a multi-talented artist, creative, knowledgable, and resourceful, and one of the hardest workers I know. And she has an unique ability to communicate thoroughly with people whom she works with and leads them to the best result. I highly recommend her.
Kazuhiko Sano, Illustrator
Academy of Art University

I had a great experience working with Bethany. She is always engaged and striving to improve. Her design ability is good. And her earnest effort to connect with her subjects is admirable. Bethany is someone who takes feedback well. This makes her a dream to work with.
Robert Revels, Illustrator
Academy of Art University





Clients and Collectors

I very much enjoy Bethany's work. There is something in her art which, for me, captures a mood or spirit in what she portrays that goes beyond mere representation. I have one of her paintings which depicts a young Moses about to head out from Egypt. Bethany's depiction of this speaks to me of an unknown future and the possibilities it will bring. I have it hung above my dresser so it can remind me each morning of the day's opportunities and where God might lead me in them.
The Most Rev. Greg Kerr-Wilson
Archbishop of Calgary

Bethany is a very creative and multi-talented artist who always has a touching message to deliver. Check out her site for samples of her artistic creation!
Dr. Jonas Darko-Yeboah
Innovative Counselling, Inc.

Bethany was a true professional, to produce a piece of art in a limited amount of time with a crowd around you takes a person who is calm and collected. A great product was produced and everyone left happy.
Ira Baptiste
Diamond Integrated Marketing

Bethany's paintings immediately attract with their gorgeous interplays of color and light. Then they draw you in on a deeper level. Bethany is an artist who is not merely concerned with outward appearances. Everything she creates is infused with a sense of spiritual depth and mystery. Her painting style is loose, free and joyous. Her art truly lifts the spirits.
Rosa Phoenix

I am proud owner of two of Bethany's originals and of all of the art I've collected they endure as the most engaging and beautiful of the collection. I highly recommend Bethany and her work for collectors at all levels, design studios and consulting projects. Her ability to explore and render subjects into fine art is uncommon and beautiful.
Michael Penland



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